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Most of these movies are unknown or unreleased in Tamil in India. See also List of Tamil-language films Cinema of India References External links Category:Living people Category:Tamil film producers Category:1943 birthsWHAT IS TENNIS? Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Although we usually think of it as a game between two people, there are actually two teams: the players and the ball. Every player on the court has a "side," and the goal of the game is to score points by serving (hitting) the ball to your opponent's side. A player can only serve the ball once in every point. This is how a point is scored in tennis: One player serves to the other player. If the serving player hits the ball, then the receiving player must touch the ball with their racquet or hand, which causes the ball to bounce. The player then takes a step to one side (the player's "side"), and then serves the ball to the same player in the new position. This means that the ball may be served at a distance of up to 45 m (150 ft) from the player. Once the ball has been served, the player then gets one opportunity to hit the ball back to the other player. This is called the "return of serve." After this point, the ball is considered "dead," and the serving player may not hit the ball again. If the player serving the ball hits the ball and it travels a distance of less than half the distance of the serve, then the serving player is said to have "won the point." This does not necessarily mean that the player has won the game. If the other player also wins the point, then it means the game has ended in a "tie" or "love" (depending on the rules of the particular match). The "love" point is the longest in any game of tennis, at 20 minutes (but only for the first 10 minutes). After that time, the game is over, with a score of zero, and the players switch roles. The same rules apply as for the first-to-10-point rule. If the serving player fails to hit the ball, then it is called a "double fault," and the other player is awarded a point. This is a ac619d1d87

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